What is ‘The Make Project’

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my project website.

The Make Project is basically my journey of building tiny products and launching them onto the interwebs.

Why did you start this project?

I started this project to break a bad habit that I have. I’ve got all these crazy ideas for products in my mind that I want to build but somehow after a couple of weeks I just give up on it and just abandon it.

With the goal of breaking this habit I started ‘The Make Project’ where I force myself to start a product and stick with it till the end. Doesn’t matter if it succeeds or not. The goal is to finish the product in the end.

The products that I have in mind to build are not major big products. They are more or less tiny products that I can start with. Once I get the hand of it I will move onto bigger products.

What inspired you?

Highly inspired by Justin Jackson’s Podcast, Build & Launch. Where he did a similar project of building and launching a product every week for 30 days.

I hope you can support me with this project with valuable feedback and helping out where ever you can 🙂